Pet Point is
a comprehensive,
easy-to-use, web-based animal management program that can save your shelter or rescue group valuable time and money!!
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Free to use and able to reduce your operating costs!

PetPoint can be acquired and used without cost by shelters and rescues participating in both the 24PetWatch Insurance and Microchip programs. Organizations running PetPoint experience huge annual savings! As an example, a shelter adopting approximately 4,000 pets annually can achieve operational savings in excess of $50,000 per year* by running all three Pethealth programs.

No expensive hardware, software or IT specialists required!

Using the framework, this web-hosted application is the only program of its kind currently available! PetPoint eliminates the need for you to purchase and maintain expensive hardware like a file server and software, data backup systems, and network cabling. A high-speed internet connection, computer, and printer are all that is needed to use PetPoint!

Sophisticated yet simple to use!

PetPoint was developed by animal welfare personnel with over 35 years of combined shelter experience. We worked with shelters around the country to create a software system that incorporates generally accepted “rules of operation”.The result is software that fully supports the daily activities of any animal sheltering organization.
A comprehensive shelter management system should NOT be hard to use but should allow for quick staff and volunteer training. PetPoint is intuitive, easy to learn and easy to use. Most organizations are surprised that they are able to fully customize PetPoint and have their staff and volunteers using PetPoint proficiently in less than 30 days.

Will grow with you and go with you!

PetPoint can accommodate the smallest rescue or the largest shelter, so as your organization grows and your group’s services expand, PetPoint will always be a perfect fit. PetPoint’s web hosted solution means that your data is private, encrypted, secure and available anywhere there’s an internet connection. So whether your users are at a shelter, an offsite adoption location, or in foster homes scattered throughout the state, PetPoint is easily accessible.

Customer service and support unrivaled in the industry!

PetPoint eliminates the need for in-house IT support staff by providing initial setup assistance, web-based training, and 24/7 user support at no additional charge. Use PetPoint’s built-in feedback form for submitting questions, suggestions and criticisms “on-the-fly” or reference the integrated Help Manual for assistance.

Incorporates both 24PetWatch programs!

PetPoint is the only shelter software that incorporates both 24PetWatch Insurance and Microchip programs for quick, easy and automatic administration at the point of adoption. Electronic enrollment and registration means your organization benefits from the cost-savings provided by 24PetWatch and your staff saves valuable data entry time. In addition, PetPoint can be setup to provide automatic, hourly updates to adoptable animal web sites. Adoptable animal data and images are instantly transferred, saving you the time now spent performing manual updates.

10-15% discount available exclusively to PetPoint users!

In order to provide even more value to those organizations using PetPoint, Pethealth is offering staff and volunteers a 15% discount on all 24PetWatch Pet Insurance Programs. Contact us today at 1-866-597-2424 for a customized quote!

What are you waiting for?

Call us today at (866) 630-PETS(7387) and we’ll get you started! Our shelter-experienced staff can answer your questions and provide you with access to our on-line demo version.

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* Based on 5% claims incidence rate; $125 average paid claim; $5 competitor microchip enrollment fee;
shelter using Chameleon™ software.

PetPoint Purchasing

...we are confident that our record keeping accuracy is improved through the Petpoint system

At The Haven-Friends For Life we do almost 2000 adoptions per year and need to maintain records on a daily population of 1200 animals. We are very pleased to be able to offer our customers the free insurance package and we are confident that our record keeping accuracy is improved through the Petpoint system. We are particularly excited that, for the first time, facilitated by the petpoint system, accurate data with a significant sample size is being collected so that we can truly begin to analyze trends in various aspects of rescue. I believe that this may be Petpoint's most significant contribution. Through the analization of data collected in a standardized form we can finally separate fact from fiction and in the future determine the most effective adoption strategies.

Linden Spear
Executive Director
The Haven-Friends for Life

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