This year we have designed two exciting tracks for the PetPoint Summit:

Community Connections: Attend the Community Connections sessions and after just one day, you’ll return to your organization with suggestions for implementing new modules that can expand your network, increase pet retention and improve your services to the public.

Basics and Beyond: Boost your knowledge with Basics and Beyond! Become an expert user with tips and tricks, keep your processes flowing with recommended reports and keep your medical records healthy with our helpful medical module.

Each single-day PetPoint Regional Summit features four individual courses! Whether you choose courses in Community Connections or Basics and Beyond, you will leave with tips, tricks, best practices and how-to hints to keep your operations and community programs on track.



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Community Connections- Services Beyond the Shelter
Surrender Intervention: Using PetPoint to Manage Your Community Pet Retention Programs

Do you have a programs that assist animal owners/guardians in keeping their animals? Learn how to use three highly-customizable PetPoint modules to help you keep track of the assistance provided to the community pets that never even come through your doors. From tracking questions about litter box use to referring to low-cost spay/neuter services – PetPoint can replace lists, sticky notes and even spreadsheets, delivering the valuable statistics you need to quantify your impact on the community, their needs, and determining future direction.


Basics and Beyond: Boost Your Knowledge
Intake and Outcome: Improving Entry to Bolster Organizational Success

If your front counter is as busy as most, this class is for you! Learn how real-time entry can save staff time and increase your data value. Quickly record pet information during an owner/guardian surrender. Capture microchip scans. Learn when to use a hold vs. a special alert memo. We will review your intake and outcome subtypes to optimize your reports. And finally, unlock the secret to multiple animal intakes and outcomes.




Community Connections- Services Beyond the Shelter:
Services To-Go: Community Outreach

Day-in and day-out you utilize PetPoint to support the animals in your shelter. But what about the animals in your community? How can you utilize PetPoint to track your efforts as you help keep animals safe, healthy, and more likely to remain in a loving home? During this session we will explore how to use PetPoint to manage and track your various community outreach events like vaccine, microchip, and spay/neuter clinics. We’ll also discuss the various options available in PetPoint to help manage your TNR/SNR initiatives. Retrieve and review data to determine the impact of these programs.


Basics and Beyond: Boost Your Knowledge
Data-Driven Decisions: Using PetPoint to Identify Organizational Bottlenecks

Bottlenecks can disrupt the flow, increase length of stay and even prevent a quick, positive outcome. Where are your organizational bottlenecks? And more importantly, how can PetPoint help you identify them to unclog. You’ve collected great data, now let PetPoint do the heavy lifting so that you can make informed decisions to move your organization toward your goals.








Community Connections- Help Your Animals Hightail It Home!
Clearing Out: Managing Empty the Shelter Events with PetPoint

Planning and executing an ‘Empty the Shelter’ event can be an involved and detail-oriented process. PetPoint can help you stay organized and on task throughout this process including strategic planning, set up and events during the day. Learn how you can quickly answer those all important questions like: “How many animals do we have available for adoption?”, “Where are they located?”, “Who needs to be spayed/neutered or have updated vaccinations?” Keep adopters involved and informed on your event’s progress and watch how easy it will be to reach your goals. PetPoint can help you gauge your success through careful tracking and reporting.


Basics and Beyond: Boost Your Knowledge
PetPoint Tips & Tricks

Join us for a lively session, guaranteed to teach you something new. How do you find the average length of stay? Is there a way to get the city to auto-fill? How many of my questions does the Location View Report answer? Share your favorite tip and learn so many more. We’ll have you saying, “I didn’t know PetPoint could do that!”




Community Connections- Help Your Animals Hightail It Home!
Going Places: Expanding Your Network

Strengthen your network in this interactive session where we develop skills to apply to both your physical and virtual networks! In this fun and interactive session, you’ll use the tools within PetPoint to find animals you adopters are looking for or organizations that might be able to help you place your excess animals. Learn how to successfully coordinate and complete PetPoint Transfers, which promises to reduce your entry time of transfers by up to 75% you may even find some animals you can request transfer for before you leave!


Basics and Beyond: Boost Your Knowledge
Medical Tips, Tricks & Best Practices

Learn how to harness PetPoint’s versatility to streamline your medical entry and efficiently capture the data you need, while moving the animals through the process, no matter how unique your protocols and procedures are. When should an item trigger another and when should it recur? How can using the Action Center reduce the number of staff clicks? Learn to create an easy-to-use surgery & exam schedule that will keep the clinic running smoothly.