Industry Data

Zeidman Blog

Starting in March 2020, Steve Zeidman, Senior Vice President of Pethealth Software, started a blog called ZEIDTalks to regularly cover Pethealth products and services, but also to highlight the innovative work happening throughout the Animal Welfare Community. The most recent posting includes the recorded Animal Welfare Data Panel held on February 16, 2022. Whether or not you are a PetPoint client, we hope to challenge you and your organization to look to technology to support your mission-driven work.

New Industry Data Feature

Pethealth recognizes the importance of being able to provide access to timely data and the ability to glean insights into trends the animal welfare community is experiencing. It is our hope that this data will provide our partners the ability to take meaningful action to bring vitality to lives, furry and otherwise. In this spirit we are proud to announce a new interactive offering called the 24Pet Shelter Watch Report dashboard. We encourage our partners and others committed to the welfare of animals to dig into this data by clicking here.

The PetPoint Report was a monthly gauge of U.S. pet owner demand for dogs and cats available for adoption. Data was aggregated via the PetPoint Data Management System, a cloud-based software application developed and launched in 2005. PetPoint Monthly Industry Data Reports were decommissioned January of 2022 with the last yearly report being 2021. For any future reporting needs, please refer to the 24Pet Shelter Watch Report dashboard.