The PetPoint Data Management System provides animal welfare organizations a comprehensive suite of software solutions designed to save time and reduce costs.

Whether you work at a shelter or a rescue organization, the comprehensive, easy-to-use PetPoint Data Management System will streamline your operations. PetPoint is a one-of-a-kind web-hosted application available in two versions (Enterprise and Professional) to meet your organization's specific needs and eliminate the need to purchase and maintain expensive hardware, software, and data backup systems. All data is private, encrypted, secure and available anywhere you have access to an internet connection. Whether staff is at a shelter, an off-site adoption location, or in foster homes scattered throughout the country, PetPoint is always easily accessible.

Specifically designed for veterinary clinics, EVE Lite allows for the free, online registration of 24PetWatch microchips in the 24PetWatch Lost Pet Recovery Database: no mail, no wait, and no registration card required. is the first adoptable search service that offers real-time updates of adoptable pets in shelters running PetPoint.