As of Mar 02, 2015

Total Number of Licensed Users in North America: 2,174

Total Animals in Inventory in PetPoint North America: 370,322

New Licensed Users in North America in the last
30 days: 5


PetPoint Product Sheets

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PetPoint is a comprehensive, easy-to-use, web-based animal management program that can save your shelter or rescue group valuable time and money!

  • PetPoint is FREE to organizations using the 24PetWatch microchip and lost pet recovery program. Organizations using PetPoint can also take advantage of Pethealth's 24PetWatch Insurance program, the most widely used pet health insurance program within the shelter community.
  • Our shelter experts, with over 35 years of combined experience, teamed up with animal welfare organizations from around the country to develop PetPoint.  The result is a comprehensive yet customizable solution that will meet the needs of the smallest rescue or the largest shelter!
  • PetPoint is the only shelter software that incorporates both the 24PetWatch and Gift Microchip programs for quick, easy and automatic administration at the point of adoption.
  • Phone & web-based training and technical support are provided at no cost.
  • PetPoint's web-based model can lower your IT costs.  A high-speed internet connection, computer, and printer are all that is needed to use PetPoint!
  • PetPoint can automatically update your online adoptable animal listings each hour, including pictures, stories and profiles.
  • PetPoint is easy to learn and use. We can have your organization up and running in less than 30 days!

Call us today at (866) 630-PETS(7387) and we'll get you started! Our shelter-experienced staff can answer your questions and provide you with access to our on-line demo version.

...we are confident that our record keeping accuracy is improved through the Petpoint system

At The Haven-Friends For Life we do almost 2000 adoptions per year and need to maintain records on a daily population of 1200 animals. We are very pleased to be able to offer our customers the free insurance package and we are confident that our record keeping accuracy is improved through the Petpoint system. We are particularly excited that, for the first time, facilitated by the petpoint system, accurate data with a significant sample size is being collected so that we can truly begin to analyze trends in various aspects of rescue. I believe that this may be Petpoint's most significant contribution. Through the analization of data collected in a standardized form we can finally separate fact from fiction and in the future determine the most effective adoption strategies.

Linden Spear
Executive Director
The Haven-Friends for Life

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