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PetPoint Finance Training

Are you interested in learning more about PetPoint’s many Finance options? Then this class for you! In this introductory class, we’ll discuss the various setup options available to customize your receipt items and dropdowns so you can be sure you are collecting the data you want while making the receipt creation process as smooth as possible for your staff. Do you charge different adoption fees based on animal type and/or age? Then let PetPoint auto populate the correct price for you – we’ll show you how. Let’s review your options for creating, refunding, voiding, and backdating receipts including what user access is needed for each. Are you ready to explore the Cash Drawer Closing process and the various financial reports available to you? If so, please join us for this for this session which is designed for new users of PetPoint or anyone needing a little Finance refresher.

Stir things up with Follow-up!

Do you feel like you are spending entirely too much time individually updating records? Or do you have a sneaking suspicion that your database has incomplete records, but you are not sure how to go about fixing the issue? Get some tips and learn all about the Follow-up feature to quickly and efficiently complete multiple to-do’s and save yourself loads of time!


Our Favorite Reports aka everything you ever wanted to know about reports (but were afraid to ask!)

Join us as we demonstrate the reports we feel are the most useful for day to day shelter operations. We will also be showcasing our favorite reports and why we believe they should be your favorites too. Feel free to come with any current reporting questions you may have and our experts will answer it for you live.

Mobile Inventory

This course is opened to Advanced Productivity users only.

With Mobile Inventory, you may access your PetPoint information through smartphones and tablets in a streamlined and functional way to complete tasks while on the go, such as updating animals, inventory, and to-do lists.

Optionally, Shelter Walk can be used to create an order that is meaningful to individuals who follow a path specific to their role (for example, the vet tech visiting all animals for a brief check, or the exotic animal specialist doing a wellness check on the exotic animals only).




Time for a Tune-up! 5 Best Tips for Managing your Items

Are your item lists long, messy and full of obsolete items? How difficult is it for your medical staff, intake staff and adoption staff to find the items they are entering? Join our expert trainers and examine your current PetPoint item setup. We will look at keeping your items clean, up-to-date, and accurate with the 5 best tips to managing your items! You’ll save time, prevent duplicates, and much more!


Who’s a good dog?! Showcasing your Animals’ Good Behavior (and Precious Purr-sonalities!)

Capture your animals’ best side! Learn how to input behavior information valued by adopters to help find the best furrever fit for your critters. We will look at how to set up, use and maintain behavior information, along with reporting options! Register now, space is limited!

Everything Edit in PetPoint! PetPoint Experts Share Their Tricks and Treats!

Join us in our Spook-tacular celebration of everything Edit!


PetPoint Experts; Meg Earsley, Lauren Jackman, Kayla Ticen, and Lia Zilavetz; are joining their magical forces to share all of their tips and tricks to speed up and get the cobwebs out of your data entry. We will focus on Animal, Person, Agency, and Ownership areas that commonly stop users in their tracks; showcasing all the ways that they can be made easier. Don’t miss out on this howlingly good time!

4 Things an Admin Should do Every Week to Keep Your Data Clean

Have you ever heard the saying, “trash in/trash out?” When it comes to your data, accurate reports are crucial. To achieve this, your data must be “clean,” meaning no incomplete, duplicate, or unattached records. Join us for this session as we will focus on the 4 things an Administrator should review each week can save you hours of headache later on. We’ll help you quickly find bad data and then fix it! Finally, we will discuss best practices and ideas to help reduce the number of corrections needed through communication and follow-up processes.



Increase Productivity with Care Activity!

Let PetPoint help you track ALL of your organization’s programs! Do your animals have activities outside of intakes and outcomes? Are binders and spreadsheets tracking this information for you? Learn how PetPoint Care Activity functionality can help you track, analyze and showcase your programs and the impact they have on your animals and your community!



Basic Builder II: Custom Kennel Cards

Create a custom kennel card that highlights the animals in your care. What do you need to consider when incorporating photos? How do you format cells to create the perfect card? We’ll answer these questions and introduce you to some fun formulas to get the look, feel, and information you want!



Advanced Builders: Filters

This advanced class is all about filters! We will exlplore standard filters, as well as setting a minimum or maximum filter for your data. We will also discuss conditional formatting, cell suppression, and when to use each. Join us to learn how to build effective and efficient filters that pull out the results you need.




Breed-Be-Gone: Using PetPoint to Become Breed Label Free

Many animal welfare organizations are successfully removing breed labels from the adoption process. In this session, we will explore how PetPoint can help you achieve this milestone through custom kennel cards, contracts and adoption listings. These advanced features, part of PetPoint Enterprise and Standard Webservices, will provide the tools you need to take breed out of the adoption process.




Reunited and it Feels so Good: Utilizing PetPoint's Lost and Found Capabilities Part 1

Do you have a big binder of animals who have been reported lost or found or a bulletin board full of their photos? Wouldn’t it be great if there was a better way to get the word out about these animals? With PetPoint there is! Please join us as we discuss the capabilities and benefits of utilizing PetPoint’s Lost and Found Module. This session is sure to help automate and streamline your Lost/Found Program.

Part 1: Discover the possibilities as we explore the various Lost/Found touch points: in your organization, with other area organizations, online lost/found listings available on your website and community flyers. We will also discuss best practices for creating Lost/Found reports as well as how to successfully search the report database and reunite animals with their families even faster.




Basic Builders III: Designer Documents

Did you know that select PetPoint Contracts can be replaced by custom contracts you design in the Builders module? In this class, we’ll modify an existing document from the Shared Samples folder, and then publish that contract in PetPoint for your users to access. By exploring formats and filters for these contracts, we will practice creating and activating documents for use in your daily operations




Advanced Builders: Templates

Do you have forms you need to complete with information from your database? In our Templates Class, we will explore how to insert information into a preexisting PDF format and review troubleshooting tips and tricks for working with templates.




Hightail it Home: Save up to 75% of data entry time using the PetPoint Transfer Network!

  Strengthen your network in this session where we develop skills to apply to both your physical and virtual networks! Both source and destination transfer partners will benefit by learning how to use the PetPoint Transfer Network tools within PetPoint. Source shelters will learn how to find organizations they can partner with to help place animals and Destination shelters will be able to find animals that match what their adopters are looking for in their area. Learn how to successfully coordinate and complete PetPoint Transfers, which promises to reduce your entry time of transfers by up to 75%





Advanced Scheduling (Advanced Productivity)

This course is opened to Advanced Productivity users only.
Advanced Scheduling is part of the add-on Advanced Productivity module and gives shelters the ability to schedule appointments not only with animal and people but agencies as well. In addition, Advanced Scheduling provides more robust schedule rules. Appointments can be assigned to a specific default employee (instead of an assigned Association). It provides the ability to set calendar rules by appointment subtype and provide each subtype a default calendar color. In addition, you have the ability to set up Appointment Activities such as follow-up phone calls. Finally, it provides the ability to create up to 3 automatic email reminder templates for each appointment subtype, a great way to automatically remind folks of their upcoming appointment with your organization. In addition, Enterprise Advanced Scheduling users may use Appointment Activity Statuses. Plus they have special capabilities for scheduling Intakes/Outcomes.




Reunited and it Feels so Good: Utilizing PetPoint's Lost and Found Capabilities Part 2

Do you have a big binder of animals who have been reported lost or found or a bulletin board full of their photos? Wouldn’t it be great if there was a better way to get the word out about these animals? With PetPoint there is! Please join us as we discuss the capabilities and benefits of utilizing PetPoint’s Lost and Found Module. This session is sure to help automate and streamline your Lost/Found Program.

Part 2: During this session we will dive deeper into customizing Lost/Found options for your organization including lost/found report expiration, defining stray intake subtypes, and the advanced configuration available when displaying your lost/found reports online.




Basic Builder IV: Crazy for Crosstab Reports

Sometimes all you need are the numbers! Crosstab reports are just the ticket. Create a custom crosstab report that includes only the information you want. In this course we’ll learn how to create a crosstab report, and then spend some time in the Builder scheduler to show how to schedule your report for immediate, or routine e-mail




File Storage and eSignature (Advanced Productivity)

This Course is opened to Advanced Productivity Users Only.
File Storage allows for the upload of documents, files, and images to your PetPoint database. You may later access and download these files. File Storage is currently available on the following pages/modules in PetPoint: Edit Animal, Edit Person, Edit Agency, Intake, Outcome, Medical, Licensing, Online Licensing.
eSignature allows PetPoint organizations to harness eSignature capabilities to capture a person’s signature on an Intake/Outcome/Medical contract (Note: does not apply to Custom Contracts created in Builders), email a copy of the signed contract to the person, and store a copy of the signed contract on the Intake/Outcome/Medical record.




Keep on Truckin! Give your PetPoint Transfer Network a Tune Up

You’ve strengthened your network and reduced your data entry time for transfers, now’s the time to slow it down and make sure your PPTN functionality is up to date and accurate. In this session we will discuss administrative best practices to help reduce bad data, prevent mistakes and help things flow more smoothly for your users. This PPTN tune-up, when performed regularly, will keep your transfers truckin!




Gift Adoptions: PetPoint Setup and Reporting to Assist in Understanding Your Success

When offering gift adoptions to the public this holiday season, making a few careful setup changes and additions can help you track, monitor and analyze your Gift of Adoption program. In this session, we will discuss special outcome subtypes, contracts and gift certificate opportunities available in PetPoint. We will then review the reporting that can be used to understand the impact and success of your Gift Adoption program.




Advanced Builders: Chained Creations

This Course is opened to Advanced Productivity Users Only.
In our final class, we will focus on creating a chained kennel card. The Builder chaining functionality involves selecting pre-existing builder creations, and compiling them together into one output. This is a great way to combine those two reports, documents, or kennel cards you always wished could be one! Creating two generic kennel cards, we will chain them together, and look at managing the output data.






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